Porcfest Wrap-up

We had a great time selling and demonstrating Kidsweet™ for all the festival attendees who stopped by our booth. We handed out “I’m a Sweet Kid” stickers to the kids; one guy must have had six gallons of ice tea, one 25 cent cup at a time, and one southern family could not believe that our rice pudding was sugar free!

Perhaps the highlight of the event was when a nice lady from California came down to the booth to buy a small package to give to the ladies running a quick-freeze ice cream booth, and about fifteen minutes late she came running down the pathway, told me I HAD to try the ice cream, and then gave me a big hug, saying softly, “I was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago and this is the first time I’ve had decent ice cream since”.

And, being an election year in New Hampshire, US Senate candidate Jim Rubens stopped by our booth today and we talked about some of the funding challenges facing small businesses in 2016.

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