Kidsweet™ supports Internet privacy so we’ve made upgrades to support the Tor network. Visit us with Tor Browser at http://kidsweety4ryyn7k7s3hdqfosusd5jrxem2ebvgmemqkjijkq57cnayd.onion/.

To pay with Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Core please use the regular checkout procedure and check out with Coinbase Commerce.

For other currencies, please place an order and type your shipment information into the “Customer information” screen (don’t click Amazon or PayPal), continue through shipping, and select payment type “Crypto”. Then email us at with your order number and the type of crypto you’d like to use for payment. We’ll get back to you ASAP with the current market conversion rate (no markups) and if it’s acceptable to you, send you our wallet address and/or QR code so you can proceed with the payment and send us your transaction ID. We’ll verify and send out your order.

Other Parallel Economy

You asked, we accept Gab Pay now. Since they don’t support our ecommerce platform, you’ll have to send a payment to @kidsweet on Gab Pay and e-mail us, same address as above. We’ll process the order from there.