Kidsweet™ Recipes

  • Lower Fat & Lower Sugar Sweet Potato Fries
    Low-temperature frying and Kidsweet™-sweetened sauce really get the calories down for this delicious snack.
  • Low-Sugar Oatmeal with Kidsweet™
    Start your day off right with a nice hot bowl of Kidsweet™ oatmeal! Packed with nutrition and minimal sugar, you and your kids will love it. This […]
  • Buckwheat Cookies
    The problem with making and posting these recipes is that somebody has to eat the results. Oh, did I say “problem”?
  • “Sleepy Drink”
    This delicious “sleepy drink” is made with Kidsweet™ to avoid giving the kiddos sugar right before bedtime. Sweet dreams!
  • Barbecue Sauce
    Barbecuing this weekend? Reduce the sugar in your sauce by using Kidsweet™!   Barbecue sauce, whether for dipping or for making up a mean batch of pulled […]
  • Bold Lemonade
    This is a bold and refreshing lemonade with a good serving of natural lemon oil in each glass.
  • Buckwheat Cookies
    This shortbread-like recipe uses buckwheat flour—a legume rather than a grain–but still manages to bring home the cookie while providing about three grams each of protein and […]
  • Chocolate Hemp Heart Cakes
    These delicious, nutrient-dense chocolate brownies include an abundant portion of hemp seed hearts–which are high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and about 35% protein.
  • Cinnamon Kidsweet™
    Whether it’s sprinkled on some french toast, garnishing a cookie, topping your oatmeal, or just dusted on your coffee, use Cinnamon Kidsweet™ just like you’d use cinnamon […]
  • Cole slaw
    Not too sweet, not too sour, a perfect side for pulled pork made with Kidsweet™ barbecue sauce.
  • Cranberry Salsa
    Try something different for Thanksgiving!
  • Devil’s Food Cupcakes
    Here’s your keto-friendly devil’s food cake! Rich and chocolatey, not too sweet, but oh, so satisfying, and quick to make. The base recipe makes microwavable cupcakes. This […]
  • Energy Drink
    Need a quick breakfast on the go? Make a quick energy drink and get hours of nutrition in just a few minutes.
  • “Honey” Mustard Sauce
    A zero-carb, zero-sugar “honey”-mustard sauce made with Kidsweet™. This is a simple “honey”-mustard sauce that works because Kidsweet™ has been designed to have an “echo” of honey […]
  • Korean-Style Pickled Cucumbers
    Add zing to your refrigerator pickles, not sugar! This is a very simple, sugar-free, zero-carb side dish or salad, inspired by the delightful fresh pickles served at […]
  • Hearty, Healthier Oatmeal
    To start your morning off right, add Kidsweet™ instead of sugar to your oatmeal. Other healthy ingredients in our recipe add some minerals and Omega-3s. Lots of […]
  • Quick & Easy Lemonade
    Mix up some low-sugar lemonade with Kidsweet™ in just one minute. When you need a glass of lemonade *now*, this is ready in less than a minute. […]
  • Gochujang Sauce
    A Kidsweet™ adaptation of the spicy Korean condiment
  • Whipped Cream
    Delicious whipped cream, without the sugar
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Sugar-free Shortcake